Emerging economies highlighted at international policy forum

03 Nov 2013


The 2013 Economic Policy Forum on Emerging Economies was held in Haikou, Hainan from 1-3 November 2013. The event was a platform for policy dialogue and idea-sharing on the topics of growth, socioeconomic transformation, and reform in emerging economies, as well as their development priorities for the next decade. Over 100 participants attended, including 50 international guests, some of whom were sponsored by UNDP.

Discussions highlighted trends and prospects for economic growth in emerging economies. Participants examined whether economic slowdown was a cyclical phenomenon or a primary trend, and also whether emerging economies would be a source of growth or of crisis in the coming decade.

The forum, through a variety of presentations, also explored how the goals and priorities of emerging economies were rapidly changing with economic transformation.

Deputy Country Director Patrick Haverman delivered a keynote presentation on the challenges that rapid economic growth has presented Chinese cities. He identified key areas of concern including economic, social, and resource challenges.

He spoke of the need to develop a liveable city roadmap with an emphasis on reducing the rural-urban development divide, improving public access to social services for migrant workers, and instituting better governance structures through greater public participation and disclosure of information.

He concluded with the message that cities must be developed with sustainability and equitable growth in mind.

The event was organised by the China Institute for Reform and Development , the United Nations Development Programme, the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges, and GIZ, a German international cooperation service provider.

Video: Opening Remarks at Hainan Emerging Economies Forum