2013 China Right Here Awards

08 Nov 2013

imageUNDP Deputy Country Director Steven Sabey presents the award to Ms. Lyn Gould, founder of Butterfly Home

The annual China Right Here Award Ceremony, a prominent television event recognizing the outstanding achievements of expatriates living in China, took place on 08 November at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing.

This year, the ceremony honoured progress in poverty reduction, health, and rights for disadvantaged groups, particularly in ethnic minority areas. A special documentary featuring the 10 winners and their meaningful contributions to China’s development was shown to a packed house.

Winners included:

  • Michael Hermann, chief representative of humanitarian aid project Humana People to People, who has spent about a decade working in poverty alleviation and disease control for China’s poorest rural communities;
  • Natascha Prigge and Yvonne Gerig, founders of Crazy Bake, a Beijing-based mental patient rehabilitation project which uses bread-baking to help patients’ recovery and reconstruction of self-identity;
  • Bob Bellows, world-famous jazz musician, and mentor and caretaker of visually-impaired child musician Niko;
  • Bitten Hough, founder of non-profit Threads of Yunnan, which helps ethnic minority women with culture-based development projects;
  • Diarra Boubacar, a member of Doctor Without Borders who specializes in comprehensive rehabilitation for leprosy and first foreign doctor to receive a degree in Chinese traditional medicine;  
  • and Lyn Gould, founder of Butterfly Home, China’s first hospice and palliative care facility for abandoned and sick children.

Deputy Country Director Steven Sabey represented UNDP and shared with the audience the humanitarian significance of hospice care. He presented the award to Ms. Gould, stating “Butterfly Home provides another chance at life to children who have experienced great pain and loneliness. Your work inspires more people to respect human dignity and strengthens our commitment to building better lives.”

The China Right Here Awards was hosted by major television stations Tianjin Television and Phoenix Television and was supported by UNDP. It was broadcasted on Phoenix TV, Phoenix CNE, Phoenix Satellite Television (US), Tianjin Satellite Channel, and Tianjin TV International to national and international audiences.