UNDP hosts "Interpreting the Chinese Dream: Challenges facing the New Leadership" policy dialogue

01 Jul 2013


Over 30 participants gathered at the United Nations compound in Beijing for a policy dialogue on “Interpreting the Chinese Dream: Challenges Facing the New Leadership”. In attendance were the Austrian, Brazilian and Philippine ambassadors to China, representatives from country embassies and officials from a range of interested international organisations. Chairing the event was Mr. Christophe Bahuet, UN Resident Representative a.i.

Delivering the keystone presentation and leading the policy dialogue was Prof. Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Politics and Executive Director of the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

In interpreting the “Chinese Dream”, Prof. Brown undertook a historical and situational analysis of the current Party leadership, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of leadership political backgrounds, philosophical motivations, leadership styles, and how those factors are to be considered when interpreting the objective and implementation of the “Chinese Dream”. Prof. Brown noted that the political constraints the current leadership is subject to places significant restrictions on how the “Chinese Dream” can be realised and leaves the extent of reform or policy changes in doubt. Such constraints include the disparity of needs across Chinese society, resistance to needed reforms from established powers, future economic growth pressures and wavering public confidence in the political leadership.  It was also noted by Prof. Brown that the fears of the rise of Chinese nationalism and foreign policy stemming from the “Chinese Dream” were likely tenuous given the greater demands and focus of the leadership on internal political and social cohesion. At the conclusion of Prof. Brown’s presentation, attendees were able to take part in the dialogue during a Q&A session.