Professor Li Shi’s policy dialogue on income distribution in China

Apr 10, 2013

Last month UNDP welcomed Professor Li Shi, “Changjiang Scholar” Distinguished Professor of Ministry of Education and Professor at the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Normal University to hold a policy dialogue with UNDP staff and selected guests at the UN compound in Beijing. Professor Li commented on the findings of a joint UNDP-China Development Research Foundation study on income distribution and shared his interpretation of the reform guidelines on income distribution that were released earlier this year.

The session was well attended and Professor Li’s hour-long presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session with members of the audience. A wide range of participants was involved in the informal discussion, including figures from across the UN system in China as well as other international organisations and national embassies. One member of the audience was full of praise for the dialogue afterwards, commenting “this thought-provoking presentation left me with a clearer understanding of the income gap between the rich and poor in China, and compelled me to think about how can we address this issue better.”

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