Power of Philanthropy: Annual Conference of Philanthropy China 2012

Jan 19, 2013

Power of Philanthropy: Annual Conference of Philanthropy China 2012 had its grand opening on 19th Jan, 2013 in Beijing. This annual meeting, guided by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and co-hosted by China Charity & Donation Information Center together with over 20 charity groups, demonstrated the achievements and contributions made by philanthropic circle in China in the past year and awarded “2012 individual of philanthropic promotion”. Patrick Haverman, Deputy Country Director of United Nations Development Programme in China, presented the prizes to relevant institutions and individuals.

Consisting of 4 chapters, namely “Openness: Power of Policies”, “Breakout: Power of Industry”, “sharing: Power of Donation” and “Responsibilities: Power of Communication”, this annual conference is the third one after the successful holding of the first in 2010. In the second chapter, the project on embroidery of Yi ethnic group was introduced and honored. The project is a result of cooperation among UNDP, China Women's Development Foundation and Mary Kay (China) and it aims to increase women’ participation in the development of cultural industry through providing petty revolving loans to them. It helps women who live in poverty with their starting of business, their employment andthe realization of their dreams, playing an important role in promoting the development of local embroidery.