Shared Green Technologies Can Drive Global Economic Growth, Protect the Environment

19 Jun 2012


The potential for green technologies to contribute to environmentally sustainable economic growth was at the centre of a side event held by UNDP and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology in Rio de Janeiro. As the second of three side events to be held in Brazil as part of rRio+20, global leaders gathered to discuss China’s plans to engage with the international community in developing and sharing green technologies. In addition, China’s intention to shift to a green economy, as outlined in its 12th Five-Year Plan, was the subject of a speech given by Veerle Vanderweerd, UNDP Director of the Environment and Energy Group Bureau for Development Policy.

“While robust economic growth is undoubtedly critical, it is also crucial that China prioritises the quality and sustainability of its growth while the economy is still growing,” said Ms. Vanderweerd.

The event sought to highlight the importance of China’s success in developing a green economy, as being pivotal in determining global efforts to reduce the impact of climate change and close income gaps that have continued to increase around the world. As such, the development of green technologies and sharing them with other developing countries was earmarked as a crucial driver in the creation of new markets, employment generation and sustainable environmental management.