UNDP Leads Calls for Public-Private Partnerships at International Forum

11 May 2012


Senior government and business leaders gathered in the Chongqing to discuss how the Liangjiang New Area can contribute to sustainable development through its businesses. With a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility for both society and the environment, more than 100 participants at this year’s Liangjiang Forum heard how the world’s ability to achieve this vision rests on how well the combined merits of the public and private sector can be harnessed.

Speaking in two sessions at the event, UNDP Country Director, Mr. Christophe Bahuet pointed out that as China’s only centrally controlled area for trade and investment, the Liangjiang New Area has shown what can be achieved when the purposes of policy and commerce align. He also called on the private sector in Chongqing to make use of its impressive growth and newly established rail links with Europe, as a platform for sharing its rich development experiences.

“UNDP is pioneering a private-public partnership with Chinese companies doing business in Africa and Asia, to promote corporate social responsibility through South-South Cooperation,” he remarked. “With its impressive growth, the Chinese private sector has the potential to make a formidable contribution to these developments through public-private partnerships”.