• Matching Demand and Solutions for South-South Cooperation on Climate Change Sep 30, 2016

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China, in collaboration with the Executive Office of the Secretary General and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has hosted the first international workshop to facilitate South-South Cooperation for Climate Change and enhance the communication between China and other developing countries. The workshop brought together more than 50 participants from 9 countries including; Ecuador, Jamaica, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Mongolia.

  • Knowledge Sharing on Public Spending on Climate Change in Pakistan Sep 28, 2016

    Representatives from United Nations Development Program (UNDP) China office and the Bangkok Regional Hub (BRH) led a Chinese delegation, consisting of researchers from China’s Academy of Fiscal Sciences (CAFS) and Hebei Research Institute of Fiscal Sciences (HRIFS), paid a visit to Pakistan 5 - 9 September of 2016. The primary aim of the mission is to share knowledge on how to systematically estimate the size of public expenditure on climate change related activities and how this information can help integrate climate change considerations into the budget planning process. The visit is affiliated with one of the flagship research projects initiated by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), termed Climate Public Expenditure Institutional Review (CPEIR).

  • The Rise of Philanthropy in China Discussed at the World Philanthropy Forum Sep 9, 2016

    A lot of hope is resting on the rise of philanthropy in China, as the world looks for additional sources of funding to fight against poverty, rising inequality and climate change to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • A Further Step to Protect Our Ozone Layer: International Workshop on Green Cold Chain Technologies Sep 9, 2016

    As part of the 2016 International Ozone Day Celebration, the International Workshop on Green Cold Chain Technologies was held on 9 September to strengthen information sharing among relevant stakeholders in the cold chain sector, and promote the development and application of green alternative technologies.

  • Accelerating the Commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles in China Sep 5, 2016

    Aiming to facilitating the commercial production and application of fuel cell vehicles in China over the next four years, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Global Environment Facility (GEF) project “Accelerating the Development and Commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles in China” was officially launched in Beijing.

  • Tour of Qinghai Lake: A platform for promoting biodiversity protection Sep 2, 2016

    With the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-Global Environment Facility (GEF) “Strengthening the effectiveness of the protected area system in Qinghai Province, China to conserve globally important biodiversity” project (hereby referred as Qinghai project), Qinghai Provincial Forestry Project Office and Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve conducted a promotional activity during the 15th Tour of Qinghai Lake.

  • A Future with 0 Emission Aug 31, 2016

    With a goal to build a city powered by hydrogen and promote clean-energy based solutions that could help mitigate climate change while boosting local sustainable development, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) -China Hydrogen Economy Pilot Rugao Project was officially launched in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province.

  • Community Culture and Art Festival at Liangheyuan Nature Reserve Aug 24, 2016

    The fifth Community Culture and Art Festival, with the goal to increase local herders’ awareness on environment protection, was recently held in Altai, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. UNDP-Global Environment Facility (GEF) “Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area Landscape in Altai Mountains and Wetlands” project (hereby referred as Altai project) co-hosted the event together with Liangheyuan Nature Reserve Management Bureau.

  • Revitalizing the Global Partnership for Development Aug 8, 2016

    ICSHP provides technical expertise and capacity building for the UNDP Renewable Energy Technology Transfer projects in China-Ghana-Zambia-Denmark.

  • Think 20 Summit- Strengthening the Coordination between Global Growth and Sustainable Development Aug 2, 2016

    Around 500 think-tank experts, politicians and representatives from major international organizations gathered in Beijing for the Think 20 (T20) Summit during July 29-30.