South-South Cooperation

In 2010, UNDP and China signed a new agreement to strengthen their partnership – the first such agreement between China and a multilateral or bilateral partner. Since then, UNDP and China have set up innovative programmes, which promote South-South Cooperation between China and other developing countries and China’s regional and global engagement.

Our Goals

With these programmes, UNDP aims to foster the exchange of good practices and expand the range of policy options available to a nation, based on the understanding that each country has a specific set of challenges which require tailor-made solutions.more

Ethiopian delegates are shown technical innovations in Tianjin

Photo: UNDP China

Video: Celebrating South-South Cooperation Day 2014

Projects and Initiatives

Engaging with Chinese Companies for Sustainable Development Overseas

This project will enhance Chinese enterprises’ capacity of doing business abroad in a more sustainable and responsible way. The project will also promote the overseas sustainable development of Chinese companies and establish a comprehensive corporate social responsible system by jointly compiling a report of overseas development of Chinese companies and organizing relevant advocacy activities. more

Enhancing China-ASEAN Economic Integration: Cross-Border Economic Cooperation Zones at the China-Vietnam Border (CBEZ)

The CBEZ project will foster China-ASEAN integration through enhanced understanding of cross-border economic cooperation zones, participation in the planning for and implementation of CBEZs. more

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Featured Publication
Scoping Papers for the Second High-level Policy Forum on Global Governance

Developed specifically for the Second High-level Policy Forum on Governance on 22 October 2014, this collection of scoping papers provides a sound starting point for discussion on three core aspects of global economic governance: 1) the current state of global economic governance and the role of international financial institutions, 2) sustainable financing for development in the post-2015 context, and 3) the role of China and other developing countries in global economic governance.


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