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Enhancing China’s South-South Policy Dialogue on Poverty Reduction

South-South cooperation is making a growing contribution to global efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. China’s rapid growth and development has caught the attention of many developing countries across the world, who are increasingly keen to learn from its experiences, especially in more


From 22 days to 22 Seconds: Modernising China’s Customs Administration

It was not so long ago that anything entering or leaving China would have been subject to a long customs clearance process. To the average person this process might have seemed insignificant, but for the millions of young entrepreneurs looking to make the most out of economic reforms this used to remore


From Fruit to Biodiesel

Hainanese farmer, Song Heyi, is excited, and for good reason. Drawing on his entrepreneurial skills and with the combined assistance of UNDP and the Ministry of Science and Technology, he is transforming non-arable wasteland into a sustainable business and an environmental asset. At the heart of Sonmore