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  • Remodelling Chinese Homes for the Next MillenniumRemodelling Chinese Homes for the Next MillenniumMay 7, 2015When most people think of remodelling it is often the physical changes, like adding new curtains, modern flooring or wallpaper, that first come to mind. But for the 337 million rural Chinese residents – representing 32 percent of the total population – that lack clean cooking fuel, the kind of renovations UNDP have been working on are having far wider implications.

  • Mosuo in the World Market: From Remote Village in China to Modern Mall in SingaporeMosuo in the World Market: From Remote Village in China to Modern Mall in SingaporeJan 19, 2015The scarves, resplendent in colour and painstakingly hand-woven, sit atop shiny modern surfaces in an upscale Singaporean department store. They come not from one of Europe’s famous fashion houses but rather, from villagers located in a remote part of Yunnan Province, China. This exclusive collection of artisan-made scarves is the proud handiwork of the Mosuo.

  • Providing a Healing Hand to Sustainable BiodiversityProviding a Healing Hand to Sustainable BiodiversityJan 2, 2015With restrictions on logging and farming hitting hardest along the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the collection of wild traditional Chinese medicinal plants offered enticing income opportunities for enterprising residents. Nevertheless, despite contributing significantly to primary healthcare industries, harvesting quickly rose to unsustainable proportions and resulted in the widespread destruction of fragile habitats and encroachment into protected areas and nature reserves.