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Mosuo in the World Market: From Remote Village in China to Modern Mall in Singapore

Growing up, woman artisan Luru-Dashima never imagined such a possibility: her scarves, resplendent in colour and painstakingly hand-woven, sit atop shiny modern surfaces in Tangs, an upscale Singaporean department store. This year, for its Christmas sale, Tangs chose products not from one of Europe’more


Remodelling Chinese Homes for the Next Millennium

When most people think of remodelling it is often the physical changes, like adding new curtains, modern flooring or wallpaper, that first come  to mind.  But for the 337 million  rural Chinese residents  – representing  32 percent  of the total population  – that more


Providing a Healing Hand to Sustainable Biodiversity

As the sun rides higher in the sky, Yi minority villager Yu Zerun begins his long journey home. On his way he will collect firewood and a bag of mushrooms to conceal the real target of his morning's expedition into the nature reserve. It is nearly time for his weekly visit to the nearby town to tradmore