Poverty Reduction

China has made great leaps in reducing poverty and reaching the benchmarks laid out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), lifting more than 500 million of its citizens out of extreme poverty over the last three decades. However, there remain areas that are still in need of improvement. Not everyone has been able to benefit equally from the development and economic growth, with rural and ethnic minority areas lagging behind. China is working to respond to the demand for participation in political and social affairs. UNDP engages with China on issues of equity and develops more responsive and accountable public service delivery and inclusive governance, in line with the priorities laid out at the Third Plenum of the 18th Party Congress.

Our Goals

UNDP works to assist the government in ensuring that the benefits of China’s rapid advances in so many areas are enjoyed by all. UNDP’s approach emphasises tackling the causes of poverty, rather than merely alleviating its symptoms, and influencing attitudes among stakeholders accordingly. UNDP also works with the Government by supporting the current 13th Five-Year Plan which includes goals to make the governance process in China more transparent, equitable and inclusive.more

Poverty, Equity and Governance


The Living Standards Dimension of the Human Development Index

UNDP-CH-PEG-Living Standard Dimension for Human Development Index_Map based on Living Standard Index

Measuring Poverty with Big Data

Partnering with Baidu to provide big data, the report brings a measure called the Living Standard Dimension of the Human Development Index that addresses the multi-faceted and complex nature of poverty to evaluate the provision of services in counties across the country.

To view the report and check out the Interactive Visualisation Map here

Smart Cities and Social Governance: Promoting Community Engagement in Public Decision Making

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