Our Partner: Jala Group

 A Mosuo woman weaving traditional scarfs in Yunnan.

Founded in Shanghai in 2011, Jala Group is the largest domestic cosmetic company in China, primarily focused on research and development, production, and sale of beauty products. In addition to 73 patented technologies in design and product formulation, Jala Group is also a leader in the corporate social responsibility sector.

UNDP’s partnership with the Jala Group was launched in 2011 with the Poverty Reduction for Ethic Minorities in China project focusing on assisting some of China's most vulnerable and impoverished ethnic minority communities in Yunnan province. Investing $1 million over four years, Jala Group in cooperation with UNDP China will build inclusive markets by strengthening the comparative advantage of ethnic minority products over mass-produced goods. Specifically speaking, UNDP and Jala have committed to developing cultural industries of Huayao Dai and Musuo minorities in Xinping Village and Wunquan Village.

We work with the Jala Group to:

  • Empower ethnic communities, especially ethnic Chinese women, by supporting the production of ethnic minority handicrafts
  • Generate income and build capacity for sustainable household and community livelihoods
  • Promote ethnic products in corporate platforms such as using hand-woven scarves by Musuo community as corporate gifts during Jala Group events
  • Gather key data on ethnic minority needs through fact-find missions such as that by UNDP, Jala Group, the Chinese International Centre for Economic and Technical Exchange (CICETE) and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC) in 2011
  • Identify urgent issues and challenges to address through dialogue with local government officials and community leaders
  • Promote exchanges and experience sharing among developing countries through dialogue and high-level international events.

View our project document for more details.  

Learn about some of our achievements through our Success Story.

To learn more about Jala Group and its social performance, see its corporate page.

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