Our Partner: Tencent

 Meng Zhaoli, Chief Economist of Tencent Research Institute with Michelle Yeoh, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador

Tencent is one of China and the world’s largest internet companies in the world, with interests in media, entertainment, social networks, web and mobile communications, advertising and e-commerce.

Tencent has been a long standing partner to UNDP China. It is a founding member of the Social Media Alliance for Social Good and a member of the Global Goals Alliance that was launched at the 2015 China Social Good Summit, for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals

At the beginning of 2016, UNDP and Tencent signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on research about the innovations that are transforming the philanthropic sector in China and the opportunities provided by the Internet and e-giving.

Furthermore, together we will collaborate on a number of activities including: Big Data Research on Poverty and solutions; Big Data for Livelihood Development; and Global Platform on Innovation showcasing and sharing.

We work with Tencent to:

  • Conduct joint research and develop an annual joint report on multi-dimensional mapping of poverty and related issues in China through big data, including compiling case studies of using big data as an innovative tool to reduce poverty and tackle development issues
  • Link Tencent’s cutting-edge technologies to on-the ground UNDP projects to test out technology solutions to tackle specific development challenges facing local communities, as an attempt to improve reducing poverty and inequity and enhance livelihood and/or promoting environmental sustainability
  • Jointly supporting an annual Global Innovation Summit in China, designed as a catalytic gathering to showcase breakthrough solutions for achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Where possible use big data for research on poverty and development outside of China through South-South cooperation and global cooperation
To read more about our partnership with Tencent, see our news coverage


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