Our Partner: The Coca-Cola Company

 Children participating in the Drops of Hope event, supported by UNDP and Coca-Cola, to commemorate World Water Day and encourage public participation and awareness in replenishing global water resources.

The Coca-Cola Company is a leading multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer with strong commitment to environmental sustainability. UNDP has a strong partnership with Coca-Cola, jointly undertaking sustainable livelihood and water management projects.

UNDP’s water resource management project was started in 2007 through a Public-Private Partnership with Coca-Cola Greater China and national ministries. Since 2010, the project has branched into an Umbrella Programme on Water Governance, with a series of new resource management approaches and drinking water safety technologies introduced via an expanded UNDP-Coca-Cola partnership.

We work with Coca-Cola to:

  • Improve rural access to safe drinking water
  • Mitigate water shortages amongst vulnerable populations
  • Prevent water source contamination and subsequent health risks
  • Improve latrine facilities in rural schools
  • Support resource management amongst farmers through demonstrating new irrigation and water recycling techniques    

View our project summary for more details.  

Learn about some of our achievements through our Success Story.

To learn more about Coca-Cola and its social performance, see its corporate site.

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