Our Partner- Kingdom Sanitary Products Guangdong (KSPG)

 UNDP Deputy Country Director, Patrick Haverman and KSPG President, Deng Jingheng sign partnership agreement, Beijing, October 21st

Kingdom Sanitary Products Guangdong (KSPG) has been a pioneer in the provision of personal care products in China since 1998. UNDP has a strong partnership with KSPG to jointly contribute towards ethnic minority women empowerment and development. The partnership is part of a wider UNDP targeted poverty alleviation project. This project aims to promote sustainable human development with ethnic minority women through joint collaborations in social and economic development. Over the last decade, UNDP has been working to empower ethnic minority women to use their traditional skills and crafts to improve their livelihoods.

We work with KSPG to:

  • Organize embroidery workshops and set up community based organisations (CBOs) to encourage self-management and allow communities to form decisions in a collective manner.
  • Strengthen women’s business skills on production planning, marketing and branding.
  • Finance and support the development fund by designing special packaging sanitary napkins with part of the revenue donated to the project.
  • Support the women’s healthcare initiative by providing healthcare/hygiene trainings, distributing self-care brochures, organizing free health fairs in local community, and bringing in technology-based solutions.

To learn more about KSPG and its social performance, see its corporate site.

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