Our Partner: HNA Group

 Youth participating in the Emergency Kit Workshop, supported by UNDP China and HNA Group, in response to Ya’an Earthquake

Founded in 2000, the HNA Group offers multiple services in air transportation, real estate, retailing, financial services, tourism, logistics, and other sectors. In 2012, HNA industry’s net worth had exceeded RMB 150 billion, owning four listed companies, 15 airports and more than 240 business outlets, and providing about 40,000 jobs for the society. 

Given its important role in Chinese economy, HNA Group has dedicated itself to become more socially responsible. As a result, HNA has made RMB 800 million worth charity donations to regions and individuals in natural disaster areas and poverty-stricken areas. UNDP and HNA have collaborated on several projects with a common mandate of protecting citizens from natural calamities.

We work with HNA Group to:

  • Support relief efforts in response to the Ya’an earthquake
  • Host innovative initiatives such as the “Emergency Kit – Our Portable Noah’s Ark” workshop for youth to understand the significance of disaster prevention and risk reduction
  • Achieve a higher level of disaster preparedness and better-quality emergency response kits for citizens
  • Raise public awareness of disaster risk reduction so the public can be better prepared for disasters

Learn about some of our achievements through our news articles.

To learn more about HNA Group and its social performance, see its corporate site.

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