Our Partner: Hengchang Litong

Hengchang Litong, headquartered in Beijing, was founded in 2011 and is a modern enterprise providing financial services. The company provides comprehensive, diversified, individualized and inclusive financial services, comprising of P2P wealth management consulting, P2P borrowing consulting, credit risk evaluation and management, credit data integration service, institutional cooperation consulting and other services related to agriculture and second-hand automobile trading.

Together, UNDP China and Hengchang will work on the promotion of inclusive finance in China’s rural areas as well as on a straw-recycling project in Hebei province. The partnership will start from June 2015 and is expected to expand and scale up in the future. 

Specifically, our partnership with Hengchang focuses on:

  • Environmental Protection: Our straw-recycling project raises awareness of environmental protection among farmers and diversifies the use of recycled straws in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. 
  • Poverty: The partnership also supports research and pilots that contribute to reducing poverty in China’s rural areas by increasing the access to financial services for farmers and small business owners.
  • Equity and Governance: Our work supports programs that foster women and youth development, and promotes good governance and rule of law.


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