Our Partner: Hefei Tianyan Biomass Technology Co. Ltd.

 One of Tianyan’s biomass energy power generation plants in China

Founded in 1999, Hefei Tianyan is a biomass technology company that also engages in research and development of biomass energy equipment manufacturing and sales. UNDP and Tianyan, with China International Center for Technology and Exchanges (CICETE) of MOFCOM, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), the National Energy Administration (NEA), launched a demonstration project called Defining Emission Standards of Biomass Pellet fuelled Industrial Boilers/furnaces through Energy Management Contract-Based Pilots.

The project aims to create the standards and testing methodologies for emissions for industrial biomass fuel end users, as well as a standard system for the environmental impact assessment on biomass-fuelled boilers/furnaces.

We work with Tianyan to:

  • Combat global climate change by increasing use of non-fossil fuels by 15 percent of primary energy consumption
  • Develop and consume different types of renewable energy such as biomass energy
  • Promote the commercial application scope and scale of biomass energy and the development of the biomass pellet industry
  • Achieve low carbon dioxide emission targets as set by China’s 12th Five-Year Plan.

Learn about some of our achievements through our news articles.

To learn more about Tianyan and its social performance, see its corporate site.



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