Roles and Responsibilities

I. Advisory Board - Selection Process

1.1  Composition

  • The Board will have 8-10 initial members of high-level executives from influential Chinese private sector companies. Additional members will be added as indicated in the section below.
  • Each Board member can assign a representative for working level meetings, to follow up after the Board Meetings.

1.2  Selection of Board members

  • All Board members, once nominated will be approved by UNDP China after rigorous standard screening procedures, and by cleared by UNDP Headquarters. 
  • Future members can be nominated by current members, as well as by UNDP. Each year current members may nominate up to two candidates. These candidates must be approved unanimously by existing members during the Board meetings. Once approved, all new candidates are subject to UNDP China/Headquarters vetting and due diligence process, and must be approved by UNDP China/Headquarters before officially accepted as new members of the Board.

1.3  Term of membership

  • Members will serve a term of two years and be eligible to serve additional terms as determined by UNDP. 

II. Co-Chairs

2.1 Chairmanship

  • Two Co-Chairs of the Board will govern the meetings of the Board: a)The Country Director of UNDP China, will serve permanently as the Chair of the Advisory Board; b)The Co-Chair of the Board will be elected annually on a rotational basis.

2.2  Duties of the Co-Chairs in the conduct of business.

  • The Chair and Co-Chair will be responsible for the opening, conduct, and closing of the meeting and for dealing with all procedural matters. 

III. Meetings

3.1  Frequency

  • The Board will meet in person at least twice every year.
  • In addition to meetings of the Board attended by the Board member, working level meeting sessions will also be held on an ad hoc basis, and will be open to attendance by designated representatives on behalf of the Board member.
  • At each meeting, the Board will confirm the date and duration of the following meeting.

3.2  Organization

  • Co-chairs will alternate arranging the two board meetings each year.

3.3  Secretariat of the Board

  • UNDP China will assume the role of secretariat of the Board, responsible for the implementation and organization of the meetings and post-meeting follow-ups.
  • Ms. Zhang Wei, Chief Communications Officer of UNDP China, will act as focal point for this role. (Contact details:, +86  139 1007 3809)

3.4  Notification of meetings

  • UNDP China will notify Board members of the dates and venue of the meetings and circulate a provisional agenda.

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