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Remodelling Chinese Homes for the Next Millennium

When most people think of remodelling it is often the physical changes, like adding new curtains, modern flooring or wallpaper, that first come  to mind.  But for the 337 million  rural Chinese residents  – representing  32 percent  of the total population  – that more


Renewable Energy, Renewed Hope: Advancing Sustainable Energy in Rural China

The small township of Bulunkou sits in a remote mountainous region in China's western Xinjiang province. For generations, the local Uighur community had made its living herding livestock. But without access to electricity the process of churning milk into butter and storing food relied on traditionamore


Water Resource Management and Safe Drinking Water

For students like 12 year old Dilihumar, one of some 400 pupils at a village school near the Taklamakan Desert in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, water scarcity means not being able to fully quench her thirst and adequately hydrate herself; it means heightened health risks from untreated wastmore