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Sheltering Migrant Workers from the Storm

Thirty year old Xiang Jianming has been painting walls at a construction site in Beijing for six months. “I need the money to support the education of my two daughters,” he explains. “I would lose face if I went home empty-handed.” Mr. Xiang, originally from southern China, is just one of the estimamore


Social Governance: Development Through Volunteerism

Volunteer organisations play a vital role in advancing development, often by providing services to those most in need. But in China they are often challenged by how best to connect with, utilize and manage their volunteers. In order to overcome this, United Nations Volunteers (UNV) provides strategimore


Street Children: Re-entering Society with New Skills and Confidence

To the average observer eleven year old Wang Nan and fifteen year old Li Dong (names have been changed to protect identities) look like any other boys their age. But what might seem like an ordinary life on the surface hides a quite extraordinary childhood. Roaming the streets in gangs by day, the bmore