UNDP partners with national stakeholders in China to provide innovative and people-centred policy and programme advice to achieve equitable development and inclusive governance in China. With over 35 years of rapid economic development, China faces consequent challenges of rising inequality and disparity between different sectors in society. China is working to respond to the demand for participation in political and social affairs. UNDP engages with China on issues of equity and develops more responsive and accountable public service delivery and inclusive governance, in line with the priorities laid out at the Third Plenum of the 18th Party Congress.

Our Goals

UNDP works with the Government by supporting the current 12th Five-Year Plan which includes goals to make the governance process in China more transparent, equitable and inclusive, by supporting pilot projects for new governance techniques and providing high-level context-specific policy recommendations. At present our shared focus is on improving the rule of law, promoting more widespread participation through government performance assessment and extending social governance by increasing the involvement of civil society in the governance process.more

Legal Aid

A volunteer distributes materials in Douzuizi village, Sichuan province as part of a UNDP legal aid project.

Video: Winning against pollution

Video: Daytop Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre

Our Stories

  • Street Children: Re-entering Society with New Skills and Confidence

    To the average observer eleven year old Wang Nan and fifteen year old Li Dong (names have been changed to protect identities) look like any other boys their age. But what might seem like an ordinary life on the surface hides a quite extraordinary childhood. Roaming the streets in gangs by day, the boys spent their nights at ATM booths, begging for money and scavenging for supermarket giveaways and restaurant leftovers.more

Projects and Initiatives

Public Participation in Governance Performance Assessment for MDG Acceleration in China

The overall aims of this project are to help establish a transparent, responsive and accountable public administration system by promoting public participation in government performance assessment (PPGPA). An analysis was undertaken of the eight typical models of local PPGPA, which summarised the patterns of current PPGPA in the Chinese national context. From this best practices and lessons learnt have been identified, the main obstacles to PPGPA’s development assessed and suggestions provided for improving PPGPA in the future. more

Protect the Environmental Rights and Justice of the Public

The project helped establish a public interest litigation system in China’s civil procedure. China’s new Civil Procedure Law endorsed the ACEF-UNDP legislative proposal to qualify Civil Society Organisations as plaintiffs in public interest litigation to the National People’s Congress. more

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Featured Publication
Being LGBT in Asia: China Country Report

This report was technically reviewed by UNDP and USAID as part of the ‘Being LGBT in Asia’ initiative. It is based on the observations by the author(s) of report on the China National LGBT Community Dialogue held in Beijing in August 2013, a follow-up China-Asia Transgender Roundtable held in Beijing in November 2013, conversations with participants, and a desk review of published literature. 

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