Disaster Management

China is situated in a part of the world prone to disasters and at a developmental stage where it is relatively vulnerable to them. While China has made significant progress in establishing an infrastructure for disaster response, the causes and consequences of various disasters continue to evolve.

Our Goals

Given growing evidence on the nexus between climate change, natural disasters and poverty, it is essential that disaster risk management be woven into national and local development processes. UNDP seeks to develop partnership opportunities with government, the private sector and communities in facilitating risk-conscious development planning and implementation. We engage communities and cross-sectoral participation in community-based disaster risk reduction and education, promote adaptive measures in response to the changing climate, and explore market-based solutions for disaster prevention and preparedness. While natural disasters can never be fully prevented, we aim to help China be resilient enough to withstand them and prepare to respond to them effectively.more

Disaster Preparedness

Schoolchildren in rural China practice emergency drills in preparation for earthquake alerts, as part of UNDP China's Disaster Preparedness Training Programmemore

Retrofitting for Earthquake Resilience

Projects and Initiatives

  • Training Course on Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue held in Beijing

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China, in partnership with National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC) of Ministry of Civil Affairs of People’s Republic of China launched the Training Course on Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue in Beijing.more 

  • Mainstreaming Risk Management into Sustainable Human Development

    The complexities surrounding man’s impact on the environment and the rural location of many vulnerable communities led UNDP to establish an umbrella programme to promote risk management as an important part of every-day life.more 

  • UNDP China Risk & Resilience Innovation Project

    The project will improve the communication and interaction in information, technology and public resources of China’s risk governance and resilience building, through the establishment of an educational base, an innovation laboratory named R+Lab, and a multi-sectorial cooperation network.more 

2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

Sichuan Earthquake infographic

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