Letter of Invitation

Dear Mr./Ms.:

1.Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) (hereinafter called “MEP/FECO”) has received financing from the [UNDP] toward the cost of [Sector Plan for HCFC Phase-out in the Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ICR) Sector in China (Stage-I)] (hereinafter called “the Project”).  MEP/FECO will apply a portion of the funds to eligible payments under the contract for which this Request for Proposals is issued.

2.You are requested to submit a proposal for the following consulting services: [Revision of National standard GB 9237 “Mechanical refrigeration systems used for cooling and heating –safety requirements”].  More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference.

3.A firm will be selected under the selection method  and procedures described in this RFP,This RFP includes the following documents:

Section 1 - Letter of Invitation

Section 2 - Instructions to Offerors (including Data Sheet)

Section 3 - Technical Proposal - Guidance

Section 4 - Financial Proposal - Guidance

Section 5 - Terms of Reference (TOR)

Section 6 - Standard Forms of Contract

4.If you request additional information, we would endeavor to provide information expeditiously, but any delay in providing such information will not be considered a reason for extending the submission date of your proposal.

5.Proposal request:

Mr. Wang Lei

Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Add:  5 Houyingfang Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing 100035, China

Tel:   86-010-82268892

Fax:   86-010-82200523

Email:  wang.lei@mepfeco.org.cn

6.The Proposal submission address is: Room 610, FECO Building, 5 Houyingfang Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing 100035, China

Contact Person: Mr. Zhang Huiyong

Tel:   86-010-82268605

Fax:   86-010-82200510

Email:  zhang.huiyong@mepfeco.org.cn

Proposals must be submitted no later than the following date and time: 16:00 pm (Beijing Time) on 15th, May ,2014

Foreign Economic Cooperation Office

Ministry of Environmental Protection

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