Project Manager for Altai Project

Project Background

“CBPF-MSL: Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area Landscape in Altai Mountains and Wetlands” also called “GEF China Wetland PA System Programme Altai Project”(referred to as Altai Project), it is part of China Wetland PA System Programme. The project duration is 5years(March, 2014 to February, 2019),  The objective of the project is to strengthen the management effectiveness of PAs to respond to existing and emerging threats to the globally significant biodiversity and essential ecosystem services in AMWL in northern XUAR, People’s Republic of China.

UNDP-GEF China Wetland PA system Programme--Altai Project was officially launched in May 2014 in Urumqi, Xinjiang. The project is under the management of UNDP China, the national executing agency is Xinjiang Forestry Department, and the PMO set up in Altai Mountains Forestry Bureau.


Duties and Responsibilities

·     Ensures the quality of project implementation

1. Provide administrative, technical and management supports to project manager on the activities of work/budget plan, implementation, management and reporting.

2. Responsible for the contact, administrative affairs of PMO ensure to reach the project goal.

3. Responsible for delivery of project outcomes with high quality, also coordinate and communicate with different sub-contractor and consultants.


· Professional Technical Service

1. Collect policy, financial and management information and data of Xinjiang nature reserves and wetland park system, provide suggestions on the implementation of project activities.

2. Responsible for advising and timely adjusting management regulations of PMO.

3. Responsible for cooperating with demonstration site Liangheyuan NR on analysis of gender gap.

4. Draft Capacity Scorecard, METT, Financial Scorecard, EHI. At the same time collect relevant information.


· Project Management and Supplementary Provisions

1. Contact and coordinate with project partners, donors, NGOs and other groups.

2. Collect and maintain all the information of project activities, prepare and push forward the Work Plan, Project Progress Reports, Technical Reports, also the daily supervision and administration.

3. Responsible to project documentation, draft project documents.

4. Ensure the timely and effective operation of all parts of project.



·        Bachelor’s degree or above;

·        At least 5 years ‘experience with international project, such as GEF, WWF, WB, ADB projects etc;

·        Demonstrated capacity for maintaining effective communications with UNDP and different stakeholders;

·        Fluency in both written and spoken English required.



Altai City, Xinjiang Province


Other Information,  


Tel:  0906-2316236   147-0906-6677

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