Bidding Announcement for Hubei IOT Supervision System Construction Project for Waste Printed Circuit Boards

Chapter I Bidding Announcement

(as the bid invitation letter)

According to requirements in the Hubei governmental procurement budget execution plan ECJ[2017]-32122 letter, trusted by Hubei Solid Waste and Chemical Pollution Control & Prevention Center (hereinafter referred to as “purchaser”), Hubei Provincial Complete Tendering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “procurement agent”) invites open tenders for distributed procurement of the Hubei IOT supervision system construction project for waste printed circuit boards. All qualified bidders are welcome to bid for this project.

1. Project overview

(1) Project number: HBCZ-17191075-172096

(2) Project name: Hubei IOT supervision system construction project for waste printed circuit boards (UNDP NIM project)

(3) Procured items: This procurement is divided into 1 project package. The general requirements are described as follows. For the detailed technical specifications, parameters and requirements, refer to the chapter III of this project bidding document.

Package number

Procurement requirements

Budget amount

Service period



IOT supervision system construction project for waste printed circuit boards

1.8502 million yuan

60 weekdays


2. If the bidding quotation (negotiation and price inquiry) of the bidder exceeds the procurement budget of this package, the bid for this package (quotation) is invalid.

3. Regulations on multi-package bid (negotiation and quotation): no

4. Governmental procurement policies for the procurement project:

(a) Government procurement policies for driving development of the medium-size and small-size policies; (b) Governmental policies for compulsory procurement and preferential procurement of energy saving products; (c) Governmental policies for preferential procurement of environmental protection products. For detailed regulations, refer to the procurement document review method attachment “Governmental preferences for procurement policy review”.

2. Qualification of bidding qualifications

(1) The bidder shall comply with conditions regulated in the clause 22 of Governmental Procurement Regulations;

(2) Requirements of specific qualifications of packages:

1. The bidder shall be an independent company, enterprise and other organization or natural persons with corporation qualification in PRC.

2. The bidder shall provide the proof for tax payment in recent three months (the bidder, who shall legally pay the tax, shall provide corresponding supporting materials), related financial conditions (the financial auditing report in recent three years. If the auditing report cannot be provided, the credit proof of the bank shall be provided).

3. The bidder shall provide detailed supporting documents of the social insurance payment.

4. The bidder shall provide devices and professional technical capabilities required in the contract performance.

5. The bidder shall provide a written statement for no major illegal records in the business activities of previous three-years governmental procurement activities.

6. The bidder is not listed into dishonest executed parties of “credit China” website (, involved parties of major legal tax case, and severely illegal records in governmental procurement and severely illegal record in governmental procurement (refer to inquired results prior to the bid’s cut-off time).

7. The joint bid is not accepted in this project and contract transfer or sub-contract is not permitted.

8. The designer of the early construction scheme of this project shall not bid for this project.

(3) The national laws and regulations on market permission should be obeyed.

The above qualification requirements are the basic requirements for this bid bidder. Bidders of all packages of all packages (negotiation and price inquiry) shall satisfy all clauses of all packages in the qualification requirements and the qualification proofs shall be submitted according to related regulations.

3. Acquisition of bidding document

(1) Acquisition time: AM 8:00-12:00 and PM 14:0016:30 (except the holiday) from Nov 21, 2017 to Nov 27, 2017 (5 weekdays).

(2) Acquisition site: Hubei Provincial Complete Tendering Co., Ltd. (Service Hall, F7, Ping’an Fortune Center (opposite of East Lake Building), East Lake West Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei province).

(3) Acquisition requirements: The qualified bidder shall carry the following materials and take procurement documents within the acquisition time.

1) If the procurement document is taken by the legal representative, the legal representative shall carry the identity certificate and ID card original of legal representatives.

2) If the procurement document is taken by a person, who is trusted by the legal representative, the authorization letter of the legal representative and the ID card original of the trusted person shall be carried.

3) Invoice information: ① Name of invoice unit, ② Taxpayer identification number (or uniform social credit code); ③ Address in business license or tax registration certificate, ④ Unit contact Tel; ⑤ Opening bank and account.

(4) Sales price: The sale price of each bidding document is 300 yuan and will not be returned.

4. Delivery site and cut-off time of bidding document

(1) Delivery site: 1002 Meeting Room, F10, Hubei Provincial Complete Tendering Co., Ltd.

(2) Deadline: 09:30, Dec 11, 2017 (Beijing time)

5. Bid opening place and bid opening time

(1) Address: 1002 Meeting Room, F10, Hubei Complete Tendering Holding Co., Ltd.

(2) Time: 09:30, Dec 11, 2017 (Beijing time)

At that time, the authorized representative of the bid shall carry the own 2G ID card original and response document to attend the bid opening ceremony.

6. Announcement period

Within 5 workdays from Nov 21, 2017 to Nov 27, 2017.

7. Contact

Contact information of the purchaser:

Name: Hubei Solid Waste and Chemical Pollution Control & prevention center

Address: No. 346, Bayi Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City

Contact: Lu Min

Tel: 027-87162095

Contact information of the agent:

Name: Hubei Complete Tendering Holding Co., Ltd.

Address: F7, Ping’an Fortune Center (opposite of East Lake Building), East Lake West Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei province

Contacts: Gong Yan, Tu Youyu and Cao Yao

Tel: 027-87816666-8951/ 8952/ 8953

8. Information publication media

1. China procurement and tendering website


2. Hubei Provincial Complete Tendering Co., Ltd. website



Hubei Complete Tendering Holding Co., Ltd.

Nov 20, 2017

14        Supporting documents provided by the bidder

14.1    The bidder shall provide supporting documents to prove that it is qualified for this bid and has good reputation. For details, refer to Attached table in bidder instruction.

14.2    Besides the qualification supporting documents required in 14.1, if some national laws and regulations give requirements for market permission, related qualification supporting document shall be submitted.

14.3  The supporting materials shall be only limited to the bidder. Materials of the parent company, shareholders and subsidiaries cannot be used as the proof materials, but the materials of the companies consolidated by the bidder can be used as the proofs.

Chapter III Procurement Requirements

1. Project Introduction

Hubei province has gradually become a big production province of the domestic waste printed circuit board. It is an urgent environmental issue to effectively reuse and reasonably handle dramatically increased waste electric appliances and electronic products and waste printed circuit boards generated in production and process. Therefore, the UN General Administration of Development and Planning establishes the special fund and assists the Environmental Protection External Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection to carry out “Permanent organic pollutant (POPs) and permanent poisonous chemicals (PTS) discharge demonstration project in production cycle of electric appliance and electronic products” in Hubei province, which aims to study and explore an electronic waste environment management route with higher resource utilization rate and small environment discharge. Handling and supervision of the waste printed circuit board is one of the main activities of this project.

There are 20 waste printed circuit board producers, 7 home appliance disassembly enterprises (Wuhan Bowang Xingyuan Property Service Co., Ltd., Jingmen Grammy New Material Co., Ltd, Grammy (Wuhan) Urban Mine Circulating Industry Park Development Co., Ltd., Daye Nonferrous Boyuan Environmental Co., Ltd., Hubei Qichun Xingfeng Waste Electric Appliance Disassembly Co., Ltd., Hubei Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd. and Hubei Jinke Environmental Protection Technology Holding Co., Ltd.) in Hubei province. 7 home appliance disassembly enterprises have constructed the real-time video monitoring system at all steps in the plant area. The video resources of 7 home appliance disassembly enterprises will be connected to the solid waste and chemical pollution control & prevention center in this project. The whole process of production, storage, transfer and final handle of the waste printed circuit boards in Hubei province will be supervised.

2. Procurement budget: 1.8502 million yuan

3. Construction target

Specific targets of the IOT supervision system for the waste printed board in Hubei province include:

1) According to waste management requirements in the related laws and regulations in “Solid waste environment pollution prevention and governance law of PRC” and “Hubei dangerous waste supervision IOT”, the application and registration system of the dangerous wastes will be strictly performed. The dangerous waste will be transferred via the Hubei dangerous waste supervision IOT system platform according to the specification. The whole-process perception system of the waste printed circuit boards will be constructed based on transfer work. Generation, storage, utilization and handling of the waste printed circuit boards will be uniformly supervised and managed based on technologies such as electronic weight, wireless communication, barcode scanning, video monitoring and smart video analysis.

2) The video monitoring resources of waste electric appliances and electronic products disassembly companies and line board handling enterprises will be consolidated as the key (including network and infrastructure construction) to lay foundation for supervision information of waste printed circuit boards and strengthen management of waste printed circuit boards.

3) By studying discharge coefficients of permanent organic pollutants (POPs) and permanent poisonous chemicals (PTS) in line board handling, the estimated discharge of the permanent organic pollutants (POPs) and permanent poisonous chemicals (PTS) can be dynamically displayed in line board handling, so it can provide necessary decision basis for enterprises to take reasonable handling process and devices, improve pollution prevention and governance facilities, and provide reference data and technical support for daily supervision of the environment protection management departments. 

4. Procured items

The party A provides the communication link environment required in this project. The device room of the party A has the software deployment environment of this project. The above contents are beyond this bid.

l  Main procurement items:


Sub-item names


Parameter requirements




Comprehensive monitoring platform

Manage video monitoring resources of operation units of consolidated waste line board

10000 registered management users/100 concurrent visiting users/1800 channels and more




Access servers

Receive video monitoring resources of operation units of consolidated waste line board

E5-2620 V3*1/16GB DDR4/1TB SATA×2 and more




Video server

Deploy comprehensive monitoring platform

E5-2620 V3*1/16GB DDR4/1TB SATA×2 and higher




Kernel switch

Bear central forwarding of all data in the whole system

Modular switch/3.84Tbp switching capacity/1152Mpps package forwarding rate and higher




Video forwarding server

Video monitoring resource connection and forwarding of operation units of waste line board

512Mbps total access and forwarding code rate and higher




Access gateway

Video monitoring resource protocol conversion of operation units of waste line board

1000-channel equipment protocol conversion and higher/600Mbps and higher forwarding capability




Electronic balance

Weight waste lien board

Area of ground balance: 1.2M*1.2M/balance range: 0-3 tons/wireless transmission supported




Barcode printer

Print weight results as 2D code

Thermal transfer printer/90mm printed width and long/ribbon configuration




Video monitoring application integration

Video monitoring resource consolidation of disassembly handling enterprises of 7 waste electric appliances

1. Screening and sorting of video resources of disassembly handling enterprises;

2. Line arrangement and marking of disassembly processing enterprise monitoring device room

3 Monitoring device room rebuilding of disassembly handling enterprises (local foundational environment reconstruction and strong and weak distribution line)
4. Installation and debugging of new protocol conversion device inside the disassembly handing enterprise monitoring devices.

5. Connection between the video monitoring resources and hall platform system of waste electronic appliance and electronic product disassembly enterprises





Smart supervision system of waste printed circuit board

1. Foundational management platform

2. Weighting and label management sub-system

3. Generation source management sub-system of waste printed circuit board.

4. Transfer management sub-system of waste printed circuit board

5. Operation unit management sub-system of waste printed circuit board;

6. Pollutant discharge model management sub-system

7. Stock in/out management terminal application development of mobile APP

8. C5000 special handheld terminal application development

9. Circuit board traceability management sub-system

10. Statistical analysis sub-system

11. Data sharing and interface




System implementation and training


Software system deployment, operation and training of 27 units




Operation and guarantee service

The service period of normal operation and maintenance service of 27 units is two years and the whole province is covered.

1. Once home visit inspection every quarter for 27 units.

2. Upgrade and maintenance of system software and hardware.

3. Home visiting repair service for failures.




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