Disaster Management

Zhang Sujuan


Areas of Expertise

Disaster risk reduction and relief, Emergency response, cross-sectorial partnership in disaster risk reduction & education, disaster prevention & preparedness and post-disaster psychosocial care.


With a long and rich experience in disaster risk reduction and relief work, Ms. Zhang Sujuan has devoted herself to national policy and theory research on disaster risk reduction and relief, especially focusing on disaster management, cross-sectorial partnership in disaster risk reduction and education, disaster prevention and preparedness and post-disaster psychosocial care. In 2012 she was appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China together with experts from the Ministry of Health to draw up the national guidance on psychosocial care of natural disasters in China. This guidance has been implemented nationwide since last June and is aimed to further develop into a “Chinese Model” for post-disaster psychosocial care in the country.

Education and Past Experience

  • Master of Arts in Literature and Art, Yunnan University, China
  • Bachelor of Arts, Yunnan University, China
  • Visiting Scholar, Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam University (AMC), Netherlands
  • In 2006 she was a visiting scholar in Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam University.

Mengming Yu

Area of Expertise

Community outreach, nonprofit, children’s welfare, monitor and evaluation, programme implementation, operations and management and knowledge sharing.


At UNDP China, Mengming works in the Disaster Management Team, mainly responsible for programme monitoring and evaluation, as well as knowledge sharing. She brings extensive experience working for foreign NGOs, including helping orphaned children and children left-behind in China for several years. She therefore brings an accumulation of knowledge in programme implementation, operations and management, working with communities, board members, and a wide range of donors.

Education and past experience

  • Member of 2015 American Express Common Purpose Leadership Academy
  • Second Bachelor’s of Law, China Foreign Affairs University
  • Exchange program of business to Montclair State University
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Dalian University of Foreign Universities
  • Started her international career background part-time working for a multi-national company.
  • Worked as a part-time editor and published 4 books on American Icon ladies.

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