Our People

UNDP China is houses a staff of diverse, highly qualified experts in field of development, as well as a small staff of talented communications and administrative support staff. To deliver our work, the team is organized into specific areas of expertise, some thematic and some cross-cutting.

Our Areas of Expertise

Poverty, Equity and Governance

Working in the field of Poverty, Equity and Governance is dynamic and challenging. At UNDP China our experts seek to reduce poverty and address inequality through Macro-planning & Policy Work and Social Inclusion & Equity. Our Experts also work closely with government to make governance process more transparent, equitable and inclusive. more 

Environment and Energy

Our staff in the Environment and Energy Team have broad expertise spanning across key areas including Biodiversity Conservation, Montreal Protocol & Chemical Management, Alternative Livelihoods & Renewable Energy, and Climate Change Mitigation. more 

South-South and Global Cooperation

Our South-South and Global experts try to match unique solutions to developing countries' needs. Our staff have vast collective experience working in developing countries across the globe, and promote engagement through Trilateral Partnerships, Experience Sharing and Private Sector Engagement. more 

Disaster Management

Our experts aim to help China be resilient enough to withstand natural disasters, and to improve preparations for responding to the aftermath. With a depth of experience in risk analysis and education, the team seeks to develop partnership opportunities with government, the private sector and communities in facilitating risk-conscious development planning and implementation. more 

Communications and Innovation

Our Communications and Innovation experts keep UNDP China at the forefront of innovative sustainable development inititives both in and out of country. Both teams work closely to improve service delivery, and support national governments and citizens in tackling complex challenges through new, exciting initiatives. more 

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