UN Day for South South Cooperation

19 Dec 2004


This booklet was first issued for the 25th anniversary since the Buenos Aires Plan of Action on TCDC was endorsed by the General Assembly. It is now reissued in updated form for the first observation of the International Day for South-South Cooperation, as not only, a marker of progress but an introduction to the challenges that still face us all.

Excerpt: The various transformations of the world in the last few decades have not changed the basic concerns of developing countries. Equitable participation in the world economy and building greater capacity to deal effectively with a range of severe internal problems remain their twin objectives. The lack of evolution in the basic positions of developing countries reflects the fact that the nature of the problems they face — rooted in the gross inequalities between the world’s rich and poor — has not changed. The richest five per cent of the world’s people have 114 times the income of the poorest five per cent. The richest one per cent has as much income as the poorest 57 per cent.While per capita income in most of the world has increased steadily over the last four decades, in Africa it has declined.

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