MDGs Report 2003

07 Jan 2004


MDGs: China's Progress 2003

This is the first report to analyze in detail China’s progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The report reflects on the work done so far against each of the Goals, highlighting the progress made in reducing poverty and providing primary education, and concludes that China is on track to meet most of the MDGs. However, the areas of HIV/AIDS, gender equality, and the environment remain significant challenges for the country.

The report, through research and analysis of data and trends relating to each of the eight goals seeks to answer the critical questions: "Why are some regions in the country faring better than others? Are we doing enough, and what more needs to be done for the goals to be met?"

This report was prepared by the United Nations Country Team in China in close consultation with the Government. This report represents a first important step towards a more nationally led effort for future MDG reporting on China's performance.