A Gender Review of National MDG Reports 2005

01 Jan 2005


The United Nations Development Programme has been assisting developing countries to prepare national MDG reports in collaboration with other partners. These reports are important instruments for tracking and monitoring progress on the achievement of the MDGs and have enabled countries to take ownership of the Goals, which is critical to shaping their development priorities. Increasingly, national MDG reports are emerging as tools for awareness raising, advocacy, alliance building, and renewal of political commitments.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are central to the achievement of the MDGs – not only as just and desirable ends in themselves, but as vehicles for the achievement of all the other Goals. Effective mainstreaming of gender in the national MDGRs can contribute to a range of actions for gender equality, from internal policy dialogues to strengthening of national capacities and statistical systems for data collection and reporting leading to more gender-responsive programming and resource allocation.

This global review of national MDG reports is a follow-up to a pilot exercise commissioned by the Bureau of Development Policy, UNDP in 2003. A joint World Bank/UNDP conference on ‘Gender and the MDGs organised in December 2003 in partnership with the UN and the OECD/DAC gender networks, encouraged UNDP to take up the present expanded review covering 78 national MDG reports. The findings provide an additional gender dimension to the review of national reports, and demonstrate the added value of including a gender equality perspective in future reporting and tracking of progress in the implementation of the MDGs.