Climate Change and Development in China

01 Dec 2012


Viewed from the outside, China’s challenge seems daunting: in the face of environmental degradation and climate change, how does the country ensure economic growth and development, while establishing a low-carbon society and green economy. And, this, in a country that contains 22% of the world's population, almost 1.4 billion human beings, and covers the third largest land mass on the planet. A country that is a world champion in reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), but is also the second largest energy consumer in the world and the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG).


These too are the challenges of UNDP’s work in China today. This publication tells the story of this partnership that spans more than three decades of cooperation and achievements. These pages tell the story of this partnership. It is the story of the struggles, the changes and realizations that China and UNDP have gone through during the last three decades.


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