• Dec 1, 2012

    Viewed from the outside, China’s challenge seems daunting: in the face of environmental degradation and climate change, how does the country ensure economic growth and development, while establishing a low-carbon society and green economy. And, this, in a country that contains 22% of the world's population, almost 1.4 billion human beings, and covers the third largest land mass on the planet.

  • Aug 1, 2010

    Mainstreaming Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation: Experience and Lessons Learned in Practical Applications of Mainstreaming is the proceedings of the International Workshop on Mainstreaming Wetland Biodiversity Conservation held from December 1-4, 2007 in Yueyang City, Hunan Province of China under the support of the UNDP/GEF China Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Project.

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